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If Archie Bunker had a granddaughter, standup comedian Karen Kinkade would be her.

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Featuring Charlie Hannah as Karen

Moments with the Director

How difficult was it to cast the lead?

Joy - It was extremely difficult to cast the lead of Karen. I needed a good actress but someone comfortable with playing such an anti-Woke, standup comedian. She’s a  true ‘Karen’; she doesn’t like Black people and vocalizes it. This is wrong, and I  wanted to make a statement about it in a film. I chose the genre of a social commentary comedy to show how absurd racism is. Charlie Hannah did a great job of playing Karen. She wasn’t afraid, and that’s what I needed.  

What was the filming like?

Joy - Making a film, even a short one with little money and a skeleton crew, is always extremely difficult. We had a crew of mainly five: a DP, an AC, a 1st AD, a gaffer, and a sound mixer. Our associate producer was also craft services, a PA, and she helped me with props and the sets. We were fortunate also to have wonderful hair, makeup, and wardrobe heads.